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Outbreak: Contagious Memories

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Main Information:
Game name: Outbreak: Contagious Memories
Ganre: Action, Horror, PC Games, RPG
Developer: Dead Drop Studios LLC
Release date: 2022
Interface language: EN​​​​​​​
Voice language: EN​​​​​​​



Outbreak: Contagious Memories is a send-up to classic 90’s horror series like Resident Evil and Silent Hill where your survival will be determined by moment-to-moment decisions, what you decide to carry, and how good you are at spotting conveniently written notes.

- Classic survival horror mechanics. Inventory and resource management, conveniently written and placed notes, backtracking and puzzles.
- Full co-op integration, play through the full game solo or with a friend!
- Integrated camera control, choose between 1st person, 3rd person, and classic fixed camera.
- Hordes of undead, mutated beasts, and monsters with lots of extra teeth.
- Unlock Operation: Rabid Wolf, an arcade bonus game where you fight through the city alone or with a friend rescuing survivors.
- Plenty of unlockable bonus content and game modes.
- Voice acting that’s almost cheesy enough to put in a sandwich!

System Requirements:

CPU: Core i5​​​​​​​

RAM: 4 GB​​​​​​​

OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (64 bit)​​​​​​​

Video Card:Geforce GTX 750 TI / AMD Radeon R9 270X​​​​​​​

Free Disk Space:20 GB

Video review:

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