Trip in HELL

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Main Information:
Game name: Trip in HELL
Ganre: Action, Adventure, PC Games
Developer: Nikita "Ghost_RUS"
Release date: 2018
Interface language: EN
Voice language: EN



2019. Bioterrorists created a dangerous biological weapon and began distributing it as a cheap food additive. Companies that produce food dashed to use this additive in their production because it made the whole process highly profitable.
Soon after people ate the food containing this additive, they became infected and turned into zombies, the apocalypse quickly ruined the Earth - almost all people became zombies, those who did not become - were eaten by zombies.
Along with that a robot race from a far away planet came to the Earth to establish the first contact with our civilization and make friends with us, but they chose a wrong moment.
The robots found devastation and some strange creatures instead of people, the creatures were very hostile and were killing every single one standing in their way. The robots came to the only obvious decision - shoot to kill in order to survive.
You play as a robot that landed on the Earth, and you gotta kill as many zombies as possible. Also there is a co-op mode, you can play with your friends. Maximum 4 people on one server.

- Games: survival-shooter
- There is a single player and a co-op. In a single player you kill zombies alone, and in co-op you kill zombies with your friends or random people (maximum 4 people on one server)
- The gameplay is infinite, the essence of the game in the reflection of waves of enemies, each next wave of zombies becomes harder. You must kill zombies, also you can buy new weapons, ammunition and rebuild baricades that hold the enemies back.
- Rock soundtrack by Russian composers "Graffeeets prod"
- Several maps available for the game, both in the singleplayer and in the co-op
- Achievements of Steam
- Powerful engine Unreal Engine

System Requirements:

CPU: Intel Core I5


OS: Windows 7&92;8&92;10 (64-bit)

Video Card: Nvidia 700 series

Free Disk Space: 5 GB

Recommended System Requirements

CPU: Intel Core I7


OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)

Video Card: Nvidia 900 series

Free Disk Space:5GB

Video review:

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