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Haunted Memories: Episode 1-2

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Main Information:
Game name: Haunted Memories: Episode 1-2
Ganre: Adventure, Horror, PC Games
Developer: MadMan Theory Games
Release date: 2014
Interface language: EN
Voice language: EN



Haunted Memories - an unusually scary psychological horror, where you find yourself locked in the world of your nightmares! Every time we wake up, there is a small chance that we may fall into endless sleep. How do we know we woke up? We wake up in our beds, but can we remember that very second of awakening? You clearly remember what you did in your dream, what was happening, who was there, and what your goals or desires were. Yes, but when you woke up? When did you cross this line? How did you return to this world, and why is it usually caused by something tragic? The only thing you have left is memories of dreams. Sharp and creepy memories. Now you have a chance to return to your terrible dreams quite deliberately, but be careful. Remember - by entering there, you will not be able to go back.

- You find out your past, present, and future.
- Meet other inhabitants of this strange place. Help them or leave forever in the world of dreams.
- Find out what really happened to Mark Slender and why he let you out of his nightmare.
- Immerse yourself in an incredible horror atmosphere. In each episode, you will recognize new fragments of Jacks memories. Green Park is just the lobby of the Slender family residence and the real fears of the main characters.
- High-quality graphics and audio design.
- An old-school combination of puzzles and action elements that make you think, run, feel, and even kill. Sometimes you have to do it all at once.
- Wonderful soundtrack composed of tracks of the group "Fruhstuck".

System Requirements:

CPU: 2.8 GHz


OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10

Video Card: 512 MB VRAM

Free Disk Space: 2 GB

Video review:

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