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RIN: The Last Child: TRAINER AND CHEATS (V1.0.48)

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Welcome to InDaFun.COM! On this page you can download the trainer for RIN: The Last Child. Cheats will allow you to get cheating opportunities in the game, which will make your gameplay much easier. Cheats are currently available from dR.oLLe .

Game description:
RIN: The Last Child is an indie action platformer metroidvania developed by Space Fox Games. PlotRIN: The Last Child is set in a fantasy universe created by the Teller of Tales. The world he brought to life is now dying, ever since his demigod children turned evil. Not all is yet lost, as one day, the titular hero awakens. Rin must find her siblings and strip them of their magical powers to save the realm. MechanicsRIN: The Last Child is a sidescroller. The game is divided into stages, set in diverse locations volcanic plains, dry forests and jungles. Rin must jump across platforms, avoid traps, obstacles and fight encountered enemies. She's a skilled spellcaster, finding shards and runes along the way, granting her new powers and letting her create more powerful spells. These come in handy when fighting enemies (mostly beasts of varying sizes) and exploring; they let us access new areas, take down stronger foes or avoid them completely. Technical aspectsRIN: The Last Child features appealing, colorful, cartoonish visuals. Last updated on 25 January 2024
PC, PS5, Switch, XONE, XSX, PS4

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RIN: The Last Child: TRAINER AND CHEATS (V1.0.48):

RIN: The Last Child: TRAINER AND CHEATS (V1.0.48)

Function list:
- F1 Edit Ship Inventory
- F2 Edit Supplies
- F3 Mega Gems
- F4 Instant Ability Cooldowns
- F5 Edit: Trait 2 Level
- F6 Unbreakable Weapons

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