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Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix: TRAINER AND CHEATS (V1.0.20)

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Here you can download working cheats for free for the current version of the game Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix. The options include useful features such as Unlimited Health,Unlimited Stamina,Unlimited Dead Eye and some others. This file is from the author with the nickname FLiNG.

Game description:
Prequel of the hit from 2000 developed by Kronos Digital Entertainment. The game brings a number of improvements and new elements while maintaining the unique style of the original. The title once again presents a story that mixes spy, science-fiction and supernatural themes. StoryHong Kong, 2048. The global pandemic of EINDS virus pandemic changes the world order. Criminal organizations gain enormous influence. In this reality, the four heroes, mercenaries Hana and Rain, former soldier Glas and killer Deke, somehow try to make a living, taking on new orders. Soon all four of them are entangled in an intrigue that will make their lives intersect, and they themselves will face the supernatural forces. Retro Helix tells the story of the characters before the events presented in the original Fear Effect. MechanicsRetro Helix is once again based on the exploration mechanics known from many other survival horrors. The action is presented from cameras located at specific points, and the protagonists move according to a specific model in which they behave like a tank they can only move forward and backward, and rotate to change the direction of movement. However, the second part of Fear Effect is distinguished from many competitors by a much higher pace of fun and a greater focus on action. The heroes face dozens of different enemies, from mercenaries to robots and supernatural beings. Dozens of equipment elements, such as pistols, rifles, rocket launchers or various weapons invented by the devs, can be used to fight against them. The game from Kronos Digital Entertainment offers a much longer time of fun than its predecessor. It also encourages us to complete the story many times in order to unlock special weapons, discover all the secrets and get to know several different endings. Retro Helix is also not entirely linear, which is influenced by the moments when the player has to make a specific decision affecting the rest of the adventure. Technical aspectsFear Effect: Retro Helix once again stands out in terms of style and audiovisual setting. The futuristic world of the future, in which science-fiction and religious elements interweave, is presented through an unusual combination of rendered maps and cel-shaded characters. The continuation is intended for adult audiences and contains many controversial threads and scenes. Last updated on 06 September 2017

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Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix: TRAINER AND CHEATS (V1.0.20):

Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix: TRAINER AND CHEATS (V1.0.20)

Function list:
- F1 Massive Ship Resources
- F2 Free Skill Upgrades
- F3 HP Max
- F4 Credits on Upgrade Screen
- F5 Set Acumen
- F6 Change Raw Food
- F7 Unlimited Ship Construction Space
- F8 Stamina Recharge Multiplier
- F9 Always Win Card Flip Game
- F10 Unlimited Camera Energy
- F11 Power Max
- F12 Unlimited Projectile and Trap Consumables
- NUM 1 Weak Enemies and NPC
- NUM 2 Set Traits Value
- NUM 3 Change Lockpicks

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