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Battlefield 3: Close Quarters: TRAINER AND CHEATS (V1.0.43)

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If you came to this page, you were probably looking for cheats for Battlefield 3: Close Quarters. Using trainers in this game, you can get Unlimited Health,Unlimited Stamina,Unlimited Dead Eye etc.

Game description:
Close Quarters is in addition to Battlefield 3 which strongly changes the nature of the multiplayer mode. We fight on small maps, unlike like the original where we fought on giant battlefield hosting over 60 players. Close Quarters is the first of three major add-ons to Battlefield 3 which appeared in 2012. In contrast to the basic version of Battlefield 3, in Close Quarters up to 32 players can fight at the same time, although the developers recommend two times smaller a number in a single match. This is mainly for the fact that the maps are much smaller, and the lower amount of players ensures optimum playing comfort. Also, for this reason we cannot use vehicles which play an important role in the original Battlefield 3. Swedish developer offers us four maps focused on fast, dynamic, and impressive firefights in closed and often narrow spaces. One of the maps, named Ziba Tower, takes the players to a luxurious apartment with elegant bedrooms, a dining area, a kitchen, and a terrace. Another, Fortress Donia, allows us to play in a large stone fortress built of a multitude of tiny rooms and narrow corridors, offering additional fighting in small, adjacent squares. During combat, we are accompanied by impressive and extremely realistic destruction of the environment system, which is provided by the Frostbite 2.0 engine. Bullets and grenade explosions demolish premises, thus influencing tactics. Walls crumble, floors are getting punctured, all kinds of covers are demolished. All of this happens among the colorful explosions, glass bursting in the air, and flying sawdust from furniture being punctured. The addition brings in ten new weapons; including, inter alia, assault rifle of the Austrian production called Steyr AUG A3, SPAS-12 shotgun, and machine gun, L86 LSW. There are also ten new tasks and five unique dog tags available. Last updated on 21 November 2014
X360, PS3, PC

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Battlefield 3: Close Quarters: TRAINER AND CHEATS (V1.0.43):

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters: TRAINER AND CHEATS (V1.0.43)

Function list:
- F1 Edit: Current Experience Points
- F2 Set Max Stack Inventory Item
- F3 No Spike Damage
- F4 Refill Health
- F5 Unlimited Money/Items
- F6 Add Priest Level
- F7 Max Stats When Creating My Career Pro
- F8 Change Wage Budget
- F9 Edit: Talent Points
- F10 SPE

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