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Ready 2 Rumble Revolution: Trainer +8 [v1.7]

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If you were looking for current and working cheats for Ready 2 Rumble Revolution, you come to the right place Here you can download the trainer for game version 1.0 and higher, which will be an excellent replacement for the codes. You can get some others Unlimited Health,Unlimited Stamina,Unlimited Dead Eye cheating functions. This trainer from MrAntiFan will work in later versions.

Game description:
The famous boxing franchise Ready 2 Rumble returns in 2009 when Atari launches Ready 2 Rumble: Revolution. Whilst maintaining all the humorous caricatures and fun boxing action that made the original Ready 2 Rumble Boxing Round1 and Round2 such knock-out best-sellers, the new digitally sophisticated and visually stunning motion-controlled Ready 2 Rumble: Revolution for Wii brings a new level of style and attitude to the boxing ring and continues the franchise with a host of hard-hitting enhancements. Intuitive gameplay, using the Nunchuk and Remote controllers as gloves. The controller's speaker and rumble device provide sensory feedback Caricatured boxers presents parodies of celebrities from the world of sports, music and movies. Tons of outrageous special moves, combos and extreme knockdowns enhance the fighting experience and enables players to pull off moves from Kung Fu, Wrestling and other martial arts Championship Mode This all new championship mode allows players to create their own boxer and nurture his skills through mini-games developing him as a fighter Last updated on 02 February 2009

Download Ready 2 Rumble Revolution trainer for free for unlimated cheats, all cheats in trainer tested and work.
You can use trainer for game that already installed.

Ready 2 Rumble Revolution: Trainer +8 [v1.7]:

Ready 2 Rumble Revolution: Trainer +8 [v1.7]

Function list:
- F1 Edit Ship Inventory
- F2 Mega Gold
- F3 Unlimited Party Health (Always On)
- F4 Set Inventory Space
- F5 Edit: Max Stamina
- F6 Unlimited Mask Filter Time
- F7 Edit Golden Tickets
- F8 Edit Ship Stats

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