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DarkFall Online: TRAINER AND CHEATS (V1.0.3)

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If you came to this page, you were probably looking for cheats for DarkFall Online. Cheats will allow you to get cheating opportunities in the game, which will make your gameplay much easier.

Game description:
Explore five continents, countless small islands, trackless underwater depths, and a sprawling underworld. Hundreds of dungeons and adventure areas await. Play any of Agon's six dominant races. Each race has a unique set of abilities, as well as its own civilization, culture, and way of life. Meet hundreds of unique monsters, and take them on in their lairs, strongholds and domains. Repetitive monster encounters are a thing of the past. Travel through geographically diverse regions that are alive with plants, trees, birds, animals, and even insects. Experience a world brought to life by real-world physics and dynamic lighting and shadows. Watch trees and grass sway in the wind as sunlight peeks through passing clouds. Observe the movements of Agon's twin moons, which are part of a dynamic planetary system with smooth day/night cycles. Sail your ship through rough seas, then become hampered by fog as the waters calm. Struggle as your battlefield-bound army marches into a severe storm. In Darkfall, the weather is more than just window dressing. Darkfall?s terrain has been painstakingly hand-crafted by our artists, rather than conveniently auto-generated. This means non-repetitive, unpredictable, and unique locations to explore, discover and use. Darkfall's world is full of wonders, small and large. Uncover the mysteries of an ancient civilization, which left more than just ruins for later generations to discover. Untold riches and incredible power is the prize, as you join the race to claim an age-old inheritance Enjoy the smooth and flowing gameplay, the fast paced action, and the highly responsive controls. You can forget about point click and wait: In Darkfall, the action is real-time and your character feels like an extension of yourself. You don?t have to spend endless hours playing in order to enjoy yourself, or to become successful. Even if you only play in small doses, your character can be effective within his chosen field, and a lot of fun to play. Whether you?re looking for intense involvement or just casual fun without a huge time investment, Darkfall accommodates your playing style. In Darkfall, there?s much more to character development than, say, raising your riding or mining skill by mindlessly killing rats all day. Instead, you'll need to practice your skills if you want to get better at them. Darkfall?s skill based system makes sense, and it saves you from having to waste your playing time leveling. You will never have to re-roll your character again. With Darkfall?s flexible character development system, your character simply adapts to the choices you make for him. We give you hundreds of skills to learn and master, and around a hundred Prestige classes to further specialize in. You have the freedom to follow the rules, or to break them and face the consequences. Darkfall?s Alignment system is hard but fair. Multiple safeguards protect you from cheats and exploits that would otherwise interfere with your gaming experience. In Darkfall, all items in the world can be made by the players. Darkfall?s crafting system is intuitive, non-repetitive, challenging, useful, fun and profitable. Using Darkfall?s virtually limitless item creator system, you could invent and be the first to use a weapon as awesome as the Flamefury Raudstaal Battleaxe of Bloodshed, or just make a simple saddle for your horse. Bring your goods to market using Darkfall?s sophisticated and secure trading system, bringing buyers and sellers together easily whether they?re inside the game or not. Darkfall is optimized for both player versus player action and for massive battles. Protect your home and expand your holdings as you build your empire. In Darkfall, clans struggle for supremacy and survival as they compete over land ownership, resources, and strategic objectives. Darkfall's combat system is well balanced and well thought out, and the action is real-time, fast paced, and exciting. You?re in the thick of the action, not merely observing it. Apply strategy, tactics, logistics, and individual skill to defeat your opponents. Choose from a great variety of weapons, armors, hundreds of offensive and defensive spells, and special attacks. Fight on horseback during a cavalry charge, participate in a naval battle, fight from vehicles and control siege and heavy weapons. Your victories are documented for posterity and success is measurable, so you'll never have to wonder what really happened. There are no safe zones in Darkfall. The only protection you can count on is your friends watching your back. We give you a world full of options, choices, and possibilities, and the ability to shape and define your game environment. Politics, diplomacy, trade agreements, and even player defined legal systems, are all supported by the game. Darkfall places no restrictions on player interaction, so there are no developer imposed safe zones, no realms, factions, PvP zones, or any other roadblocks that limit your game. Anyone can fight anyone, anywhere as long as they are willing to face the consequences in the form of Darkfall?s alignment system. You can enjoy easy communication with your friends, even while outside the game. Darkfall?s Communication interface includes in-game message and trade boards, an IRC-style chat system, instant messaging, voice support, and even mobile phone SMS messaging. In Darkfall, advanced clan management tools take care of the tedious and repetitive tasks, allowing you to focus on the real challenges (and the fun) associated with clan leadership. Trade your hard earned items using Darkfall?s secure trade interface and in-game trade boards. When you play Darkfall, you take part in a constantly evolving, world-spanning storyline. Your reputation will precede you, and your fame will grow through clan victories and individual achievements. Whether you're a fearless fighter, a respected leader, a persuasive politician, or a skilled artisan, you will get the recognition you deserve. In Darkfall, your deeds and views are recorded and chronicled as you become a part of and a shaper of world history. With Darkfall?s narrative Legend system, your name will live in fame or in infamy, and it will never be forgotten. Darkfall combines Massively Multiplayer Role playing, Real Time Strategy, and Action gaming, extending the competitive environment on many different levels. Top clans and top individual players from various gaming genres will be there, along with over ten thousand simultaneous players per world. You?re in very good company. Explore the many different paths to being successful, and discover new ones that nobody thought of before. Test your mettle in Darkfall?s Arena Events where individual players and teams compete for fun and profit. Every single person involved in the production of Darkfall is a gamer first and foremost. We?ve been where you?ve been, and we play the games you play. We are committed to delivering and maintaining a complete, stable, and balanced game; a game that makes good on its promises, with regular and free expansion-size updates, prompt and swift customer service, and superior value for our players. Darkfall offers you more ways to give feedback, and more ways to collaborate with the Darkfall Team in the evolution of the game. Your voice is heard loud and clear. Last updated on 21 September 2011

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DarkFall Online: TRAINER AND CHEATS (V1.0.3):

DarkFall Online: TRAINER AND CHEATS (V1.0.3)

Function list:
- F1 Edit: UNKNOWN
- F2 Set Ranged Defense
- F3 Set Left/Right Shields
- F4 Infinite Sanity
- F5 Easy Enemies
- F6 Instant Building Upgrades
- F7 XP for Level
- F8 Reset Turns
- F9 Easy Upgrade Character Red Gel
- F10 Infinite Battery
- F11 Edit: Death Gems
- F12 Invincible Units
- NUM 1 Void Mana
- NUM 2 Set Survival Rank

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